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69 years old
Palmdale, Ca.
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According to the things which were told me by my father and grandmother, my greatgrandmother was in the Black Mtn. area of N.C. , just above Ashville and a full blood, 100% Cherokee woman. Apparently with each successive generation downward to the present Great Grandma Isabelle was the beginning and end of our NAI lineage. All of the marriages, children, etc. leading to myself were of European descent. With greatgrandmother being 100% Cheokee, partt of EBCI, my grand ma was 1/2 and all of her children were 1'4 Cherokee. Because my father and grandmother had taught me from early on that one of my primary ancestors, and not all that far back, was full blooded Cherokee Indian from the Piedmont areas of Northern Georgia all the way up through Southern Va. and parts of W.Va.

It's kind of funny in a weird sort of way to many who've known me throughout the years, and that is as a blue eyed blonde who has spent the majority of my life in the sun, playing as a child, swimming, camping, and working as an adult framing carpenter all-year around, I have never, ever had a sun burn. Instead, I always turned a coppertone type of red without ever using any kind of oils or lotions. Frankly I think those things oft cause folks to burn, and burn badly!!

Right now with the help of a couple special Cherokee friends, you know who you are :'-), I'm slowly but surely beginning to learn my native language and Sequoia's syllabry!! I'll get there, Creator willing.

The great lady who's put up with me for the past 21 years, Lani, is 1/8th Seneca, as her greatgrandfather was a Seneca Medicine Man. As the story goes, the old man was tough as nails, mean as snake s..t, and often abusive to Lani's greatgrandmother, especially if she didn't black the black iron skillets properly and in accord with his satisfaction. And, Creator forbid she failed to keep the cooking stove or floors clean enough to his satisfaction. With all due respect toward this particular Seneca man, he could haver used a strong dose of whoop ass from a Cherokee brave and some lessons in how to properly treat a woman!!!

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